Our Pure Tripe is tripe that is unbleached & untreated but lightly rinsed with hot water (scalded) to deal with the nasty bacteria that our authorities say can make you & your pet sick.


Our exclusive Nutrieseal™ process is so unique in the pet treat industry it does not destroy the nutritional values of the tripe; it actually makes the product more valuable to your pet than any other dried tripe treat available. Nutrieseal™ locks in all the goodness and intensifying all of tripe’s qualities.


Pure Tripe can help:

  • Improve coat, more radiance and shine no more flaky skin, richer colour.
  • Dental health.
  • To firm and shape stools .
  • Increase vitality and energy levels .
  • Aid digestion.
  • Stimulate the appetite, when dogs refuse to eat their meal


Green Tripe Issues
Australian Federal & State governing food authorities classify Green Tripe as an illegal food product to process & sell.

Any accredited processor or manufacturer would never put their accreditation or reputation in jeopardy by breaking the laws which govern safe food processing, preparation & handling in this country.

For this reason Loyalty Pet Treats will only produce & sell Scalded Tripe. Scalded tripe is green tripe that has been hosed down with scalding hot water to remove the volatile & dangerous bacteria which can be harmful to humans if handled incorrectly.

Beef Tripe 50g - by Loyalty Pet Treats