Home & Pets by Morgie & Dan is a family owned business that is passionate in providing Australian-sourced, eco-friendly, sustainable, and globally-responsible products. Whether you're looking to pamper your furry babies or seeking the perfect gift for a pet lover, you have come to the right place. 

Thank you for your loyalty and welcome to new clients who are seeing and supporting Home & Pets Products for the first time.


True Love for Animals

Home & Pets by Morgie & Dan cares about the welfare of your pets and has been advocating this by partnering with local animal clubs and non-profit organisations. We want to send the message that animal compassion and treating pets as family members. We are eager to provide quality pet products available and accessible to every household.


Customers First
Building loyalty and good relationship with our customers is always our top priority. We exist to give the best price without compromising the quality and to make each transaction experience easy, safe and accessible to online buyers.

Organic, Australian Made Dog Grooming Products with dog in tub