Bathing Cats

Cats don’t normally need to be bathed, as they are normally very clean animals. However, some cats get very dirty in the garden and may need a little help cleaning up. Bathing cats may also help to reduce sheading around the house and will give your cat a glossy coat.


Its important to buy a specialised cat shampoo as human shampoo is not suitable due to having different pH levels.

Get all bathing equipment ready before you put the cat into the water. Before bathing your cat, it may also be a good idea to trim their nails.

Step 1: If your cat allows, try give them a comb before getting them wet to detangle their fur

Step 2: Fill a large plastic bucket or bath with warm water, lined with a non-slip floor mat

Step 3: Using a jug, wet the cat’s body, avoiding the face. Make sure the cat is wet down to the skin

Step 4: Apply a small amount of shampoo and lather all over the cat’s body, being careful not to get any shampoo near your cats’ eyes.

Step 6: Rinse well with clean warm water, once again avoiding the eyes and inner ears. Its important you rinse off all soap as left-over soap may irritate the cat’s skin.

Step 7: Remove the cat from the tub and rub dry with a towel

Step 8: Leave your cat in a room to fully dry, ensuring you don’t let them outside until they are fully dry



  • Be prepared to be hissed at and possibly                                                                                                                                           bitten or clawed

  • If possible, get a friend or family member                                                                                                                                         to help with the bathing process, four                                                                                                                                       hands are always better than two

  • Giving your cat plenty of reassurance and                                                                                                                                praise may help keep them calm  

  • Treats may also work as a distraction for                                                                                                                                             some cats

  • It is also important that you try to remain                                                                                                                                      calm, as the more stressed or angry you                                                                                                                               become, the more you will stress out                                                                                                                                          your cat

If your cat completely refuses to go anywhere

near water or the tub, it’s safer to take them to

a professional groomer, this will avoid possible

injuries to yourself and your cat.

13 March 2019 - by Morgie & Dan